Letters to the Editor

SA leaders share what they accomplished during the 60th legislative session

On Feb. 29, 2016, we announced our candidacy for president and vice president of the Student Association’s 60th Session, on a platform entitled C.A.R.E for SU. Over the past year, we have worked to implement the four pillars of our platform and fulfill our promises to students. Through our work, and the work of our cabinet and assembly representatives, we have completed a variety of initiatives to improve the student experience, culminating in one of the most productive sessions in the organization’s history. Below is a sample of all we, and our cabinet and assembly representatives, have done in the 60th Session:

Under our Committed to collaboration pillar, the Student Association:

  • Launched the Spring Into Action initiative, partnering with Residence Hall Association and off-campus entities to create sustained engagement in the community and reimagining the role of service at the university
  • Created a Pre-Health Coalition to advance the experience of pre-health students
  • Established an Undergraduate Student Leadership Council to increase communication amongst student leaders

Under our Anti-discrimination pillar, the Student Association:

  • Piloted a program to provide free tampons and sanitary napkins to students in restrooms across campus
  • Created a Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Organized a free trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture to celebrate Black History Month
  • Organized an Arts Inclusivity Festival to create a safe space for discussion and promote understanding of cultural backgrounds
  • Changed the name of the University’s yearbook to better respect the Onondaga Nation

Under our Ready for reform pillar, the Student Association:

  • Raised $93,000 to install off-campus security cameras along Euclid Avenue, and worked with campus entities to improve off-campus safety
  • Launched and rebranded a campus-wide Cycle Share program to better serve students, making the Cycle Share program the first of its kind in the country
  • Created a report on the status of mental health at the university highlighting a numerous recommendations, which has circulated to members of the university administration for review and implementation
  • Worked with campus entities to launch the first-ever Mental Health Awareness Week at the university

Under our Excited for excellence pillar, the Student Association

  • Organized free transportation to and from polling locations on Election Day
  • Piloted an extension of the hours of Bird Library during the midterm period
  • Established a remote access program for students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science to access computer desktops remotely

We have worked ardently over the last year to serve our roles faithfully, and we believe that our hard work and dedication have improved and will continue to improve the student experience at Syracuse University for years to come.


Eric N. Evangelista & Joyce E. LaLonde

President & Vice President, Student Association


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